Make Me Bi

Whole Dick (1080p mp4)

Your appreciation for cocks has been limited. You are in denial of what constitutes a real dick, a whole dick. Yet, you have failed to realize that this is where all your desire for dick originates. So, I am going fix your love of cocks to focus only on pure, complete, perfect ones. The only dick that matters is whole uncut cock.You know your dick is incomplete. Without foreskin, your cock is lacking and we all tend to crave the things we lack. When you stroke you are aware of the missing skin. You do not have that gorgeous extra flesh to roll over the tip as you jerk. Uncut cock is nature’s masterpiece whereas yours is just a mutilated mess.Now it is time to come face to face with your deepest desire. Get right up close to your screen and drool for this perfect uncut cock. Enjoy as I tease and play with the gorgeous foreskin and admire every inch of this beautiful dick kept just as nature intended.Clip contains: make me bi encouragement – foreskin admiration and appreciation – learning to cock worship the best type of cock – uncut cock worship – jerk off and cum for foreskin – sensual dick humiliationYou will also love:Foreskin Appreciation (1080p mp4)Fag for Foreskin (mp4)Bi Time (1080p mp4)Jerking to a Hundred Dicks (1080p mp4)