Lesbian Domination

TEACHER’S PET 3, DVD Download in HD

First Time Offered as HD DVD Download and completely remastered – ON SALE FOR A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME!  $17.99 for 1 hour 13 minutes Bonus You pay for one scene and get 2 extra scenes for FREE!New Director’s Cut for HD!Starring: Anastasia Pierce and Christina CarterALL SCENES INCLUDED IN THE MOVIE OR WATCH THE SCENES INDIVIDUALLYSynopsis: Anastasia is getting a full time au pair student Christina. Christina wants to learn french and Anastasia is going to teach her the language in a very special way… The teacher is strict, has rules and expect to have them followed. But Christina fails to learn quickly enough and will get punished, tied up, until the lessons ares learned!  Sexy latex for both the teacher and the student, strict bondage, discipline and more. Includes: Anastasia Pierce, Christina Carter, Latex, Bondage Lesbian Domination, Sensual Domination, Spanking, Strip tease, nude, Damsel in Distress, French and English speaking, Big Tits, Sensual Domination, Orgasm Control, Pussy training, forced orgasm, Strict Dominatrix, Curvy Damsel, Dick on stick, gagged, Sex, Insertion, Explicit, lesson given and learned, French Maid uniform, Pet Slave, Fantasy.TEACHER’S PET 3, Christina Carter & Anastasia Pierce, Part 1 (scene 1) Click HERE to see this sceneTEACHER’S PET 3, Christina Carter & Anastasia Pierce, Part 2 (scene 2)… Click HERE to see this scene  TEACHER’S PET 3, Christina Carter & Anastasia Pierce, Part 3 (scene 3)Click HERE to see this scene