Mother & Daughter Full Fill Boyfriends Lesbian Fantasy ( TEASER )

Aarin is dating a guy she met at a restaurant named Carlo. Aarin is 39 years old and has a 19 year old daughter named Mallory. What Aarin doesn’t know is that her daughter is also going out with Carlo. Carlo has a strong fetish of seeing two women together and he’s doing his best to see if Mallory and her mom would have hot lesbian sex with each other. He thinks it best if he approaches Mallory with the idea first. Mallory is the most forward thinking of the two. When he first springs it on Mallory, she is smoking a cigarette. When she hears what Carlo’s idea is she’s against it. However, as Carlo talks to her about it she gives in and decides to approach her mom with the idea. Carlo then calls Aarin and tells her that he has arranged  for a hot young girl to come over to her house to have sex with her. Aarin is totally up for it, but she has no idea that the young girl is her daughter. When Mallory arrives, Aarin thinks she’s to expect someone else and she tries to get Mallory to leave. Mallory lets Aarin know that she is the girl that Carlo sent and that this whole thing was Carlo’s idea. At first Aarin is shocked but after a while with Mallory’s prodding Aarin gives into the idea and she and her daughter have a unique sexual experience.